Our Philosophy

We believe that companion animals are members of the family. And, just like any member of the family, we think they should be living their best, happiest, most well-rounded life. That means maximizing positive experiences including engaging in fun play, enriching themselves with behaviors normal to their species, getting to make choices in their life, and being comfortable with the world around them. At the same time we want to minimize fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration. Life isn't always perfect, but when we put in the effort we can make it the best life possible.

What We Provide

We love animals and know how hard it can be to have a pet who needs special handling or a slower approach. So, whether they need expert care, a break from their usual, or just extra one-on-one attention we've got you covered. We want you be confident that your animal is safe and their communication is respected while in our care.

Like humans, every animal is unique. We shape our interactions with your pet not just using behaviors, motivators, and needs typical of their species, but also on those specific specific to them as an individual. We keep up to date on modern behavior science and talk with pet owners, who know their animals best, to craft bespoke visit and management plans. So whether you've got a new puppy, adopted an adult animal who is still adjusting, or have a longtime companion, we're here to help them thrive.

San Francisco Pet Care is an aversive-free, force-free pet care company. 

Riley Smith, CPDT-KA

Riley began his professional career overseeing an enrichment program at the San Francisco SPCA. From there he developed skills on the job and became an animal trainer both in the shelter and in the Veterinary Hospital's Behavior Specialty Clinic. In his career he's worked with thousands of animals with a focus on dogs with behavior issues, and developed a particular fondness for helping fearful dogs. His education includes working under trainers and behaviorists, assisting in group public training classes, attending conferences and workshops, as well as becoming a Ceritfied Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Low Stress Handling Certified.